by kropaman

Price: $6.00

Modeled in Blender 2.75.
Materials and objects are properly named.
The preview images were rendered using cycles with subdivision lvl 2.
Model centered at origin.
Geometry ready for subdivision/meshsmoothing. 100% quards.
Model does not include any backgrounds or scenes used in preview images(no lights, cameras, envorinment).
Detailed enough for close-up renders.
All non Blender file formats are mesh only and will require material reapplication.
5 textures of a 4096x4096PNG size (Metalness, Albedo, Roughness,Normals,AO).
Thank you.

Download Shuriken 3D Model

shuriken, blade, weapon, star, cut, throwing, steel, japanese

Classic Canopy

by nazarcreative

Price: $15.00

This is a detailed model of 178×285 cm canopy made of forged steel and glass cover. The construction mounts to the wall with forged brackets and steel extensions.
• all materials and textures are included and assigned to their objects
• C4D scene is ready for rendering with VrayforC4D 1.9
• lights are included in the scene, no need for set-up
• details of canopy are well organised and separated to single meshes so you can add or remove them easily

Note: the sample of wall and pavement is not included

Download Classic Canopy 3D Model

awning, canopy, overhang, brackets, bracings, forged, detailed

Aqua-Creations DippaTable Lamp or Pendant

by deckorator

Price: $19.00

The Dippa is part of the Morning
Glory collection which is inspired
.by highly stylized organic forms
Many of the pieces in this
collection are distinct, featuring
exotic creatures and flowers, the
Dippa however, strikes through
.its classic shape
The designs of the Morning Glory
Collection are whimsical yet
always elegant and include some
.of Aqua’s best-selling products
The Dippa is available in a table
.and a pendant version
The pendant is suspended from
“a black ceiling plate 16 cm – 6.5
by a black electrical cord 200 cm

Download Aqua-Creations DippaTable Lamp or Pendant 3D Model

Aqua, Creations, Dippa, Lamp, downlight