Premier League Cup Trophy

by Polygon.Playground

Price: $80.00

Premier League Cup Trophy

Modelled in Maya and sculpted in Zbrush. Rendered with a simple FG/GI setup in Maya and Mental Ray. Exported and replicated in Cinema 4D.

Other formats are available for your convenience.

The lions have been decimated in ZBrush and exported to retain detail. The rest of the trophy can be smoothed and unsmoothed.

UVs are non-overlapping and 4K textures are supplied and can be modified.

The model is to an approximate scale of the actual trophy.

I hope you enjoy using it!

Download Premier League Cup Trophy 3D Model

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Low Poly Fantasy Battle Axe

by TheMikeManCG

Price: $10.00

Low-poly Fantasy Battle Axe ready for use in games.

Geometry consists of quads and few n-gons.
Mesh can be subdivided.
Export formats include: OBJ, DAE, FBX, and BLEND(native)
All textures are included in the download, and can be added to the object.
Materials need to be constructed after download.

Download Low Poly Fantasy Battle Axe 3D Model

battle, axe, melee, fantasy, weapon, textures, lowpoly, gameart, gems, sapphire, ruby

Low-Poly Classical Acoustic 6-string Guitar

by TheMikeManCG

Price: $10.00

Low Poly 3D Model of a Classical Acoustic Guitar.
Geometry consists of quads only and no tris or n-gons.
Included in the download is all of the textures that were used in the final render and the material colors.
Materials will need to be constructed if you are not using the native file type, which is blend.
The model is UV Mapped, so the textures can be added into the materials without problems.

Included Export Formats: obj (Wavefront), dae (Collada), Blend, fbx

Download Low-Poly Classical Acoustic 6-string Guitar 3D Model

lowpoly, classical, acoustic, guitar, classic, stringed, instrument, gameart, rosewood, music, textures, materials