Sport podium normal flag

by kreatura

Price: $15.00

Low detailed 3d model of normal sport podium.

Model is fully textured with all applied materials:
– textures formats: TIF (x4), PSD (x2)
– textures size: x2048 (x3), x4096 (x3)
– materials types: Standard
– 30 objects

All text are editable by .PSD files.

Download Sport podium normal flag 3D Model

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Classic Living Set 0001

by fdrmt

Price: $75.00

Classic Living Set 3D Model. Modeled in Blender 2.73, Preview images rendered with Cycles. Model in real world scale, Cabinet: W:82.6 cm H:160 cm D:41.6 cm, Table: W:161.4cm H:76.3cm D:89.5cm, Chair: W:49.2cm H:100cm D:49.9cm. Subdivided polygon mesh made of quads only. Poly count(without subdivision): Verts:16,971 Faces:16889.
Custom wood textures: 4000×4000. Suitable for close up renderings.
Easy interchangeable wood texture(decorations mapped independently).
Overlapping UVs are those of the two halves that are symmetrically mapped. Inside the single half the UVs are not overlapping.
Render ready.
Light and camera setup not included.
FBX version includes instructions for use of included textures.
Environment not included in the release.

Download Classic Living Set 0001 3D Model

furniture, cabinet, table, chair, wooden, interior, fabric, glossy, decoration, photorealistic, classic, storage