3D Modern Interior Bedroom

by tinktonk

Price: $49.00

Bedroom and bath3D model, multiple formats. Lighting set, ready to render.

The scene is suitable either for high-end renderings.
Easily customizable materials, colors, disposition and illumination.

Linear workflow gamma 2.2

Vray sun, skylight portals and 4 vray phisycal cameras are properly set and ready to render.

35 textures

All the objects visible are included in the archive.

Download 3D Modern Interior Bedroom 3D Model

interior, design, modern, home, house, bed, white, bedroom, vray, quality, max, realistic, clean, soft, chair, table, deskwork

Rock and stone collection low poly

by ToyBear

Price: $30.00

A collection of photo-realistic low poly rocks and stones suitable for games or scattered in high detailed scenes.

200-300 polygons per rock

Normal map 2048×2048 (non tileable)
Detailed normal map 2000×2000 (recommended to tile 2-3 times)
Ambient occlusion map 2048×2048 (non tileable)
Diffuse/color 2000×2000 (recommended to tile 2-3 times)
specular/reflection map 2000×2000 (recommended to tile 2-3 times)

The diffuse, specular and Detailed normal can easily be replaced with other seamless textures creating a large variety of rocks

Download Rock and stone collection low poly 3D Model

Rocks, Stones, boulder, Low-poly, environment

3d Exterior Simple House

by tinktonk

Price: $49.00

This is a model of a detailed exterior.

Textures included in the 3ds Max rar files.

– High quality model
– All materials and textures can be easily modified.
– Model is fully textured with all materials applied.
– No special plugin needed to open scene.

Lighting set up in 3ds Max using V-Ray.
V-Ray and Scanline 3ds Max versions available.

Renders as shown are in V-Ray only.
Textures and materials are included

Polygons: 745875
Vertices: 1180156

Download 3d Exterior Simple House 3D Model

house, houses, architectural, building, structure, home, exterior, landscape, residance, construction, garage


by LeoS

Price: $10.00

3D model of breakfast scene, texturized and ready for implementation on scenes, low poly count for fast rendering speeds and easy modification and movement of parts to fit any composition you might need.

Components: Bread basket with bread loafs, two different kinds of sliced bread, apples, oranges, kiwis (whole and cut on halves), flanel towel and cookies.

Comes on formats:

Rar file with all textures used

Download Breakfast 3D Model

breakfast, food, meal, apple, orange, cookie, fruit, pastry, bread, loaf, toast, tabletop, eat

Cootz leather sofa

by vadimche

Price: $15.00

Created with 3ds Max 2012 and Vray. The model comes with materials library and ready to use.Model is built to real-world scale.System unit setup used- millimetrs. All objects are named. Textures are tile-able and minimum 1000pix resolution used. Model contains [5108] polygon and [2592] vertices with out smoothing. No additional plugin and cleaning up necessary is needed to open the model.

Download Cootz leather sofa 3D Model

leather, sofa, seating, modern, office, lobby, couch, design, interior, expensive, lounge, furniture, realistic, contemporary


by basejack

Price: $7.50

Model of croissants on wooden plate.
Object was modeled in real size.
Max scenes are compatible with 3ds max 2010 or higher.
Modeling in 3ds Max 2014 and rendered with VRay 3.20.03
Other files format – .obj, .fbx

Polygon: 21762
Verts: 21734

All textures and materials are included.
You can take maps from the texture folder and use them.

Thanks for attention.

Download Croissants 3D Model

cake, food, sweet, jam, max, vray, breakfast, caffe

White Wood Door Panel

by basejack

Price: $7.50

Great for interior renderings and architectural visualization.
Textures for door wood, hinge and glass are included. Max version also contains Vray materials for door panel, handles, and hinges.

Packages contains:
-own files (.max .obj .fbx)
-textures in separate archive including bump/normal and reflective maps for some materials

Download White Wood Door Panel 3D Model

door, doors, wood, wooden, architecture, panel, interior, house, set