Tufted leather sofa

by davidjaasma

Price: $39.00

Thank you for taking a look at this model. This sofa is a high quality, photo realistic model that will enhance detail and realism to any of your rendering projects. Download this model right now to use it in your projects.


subdivision: 0

polygons: 176085
vertices: 93691

subdivision : 1 (used for the preview pictures)

polygons: 705186
vertices: 363881

– The model has a detailed design that allows for close-up renders, and was originally modelled in blender checked in 3ds max 2015 and rendered with V-Ray 3.00.07.
– High quality polygonal model, correctly scaled for an accurate representation of the original object. (83 cm high x 238 cm wide x 90 cm long)
– All colors can be modified.
– 3ds Max models are grouped for easy selection, and objects are logically named for ease of scene management.
– Model does not include any backgrounds or scenes used in preview images.
File Formats:
– 3ds Max 2015 V-Ray and standard materials scenes
– 3ds max 2012
– blend
– 3DS
– ZIP (textures)

Warning: Depending on which software package you are using, the exchange formats (.obj, .3ds and .fbx .blend) may not match the preview images exactly. Due to the nature of these formats, there may be some textures that have to be loaded by hand.

Download Tufted leather sofa 3D Model

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Satellite Dish

by firdz3d

Price: $15.00


– Modeled in Blender.
– Preview image rendered using cycles.
– All scene are included in .blend files.
– Poly count are before sub division
– Great for close up render.
– All parts and materials are logically named.


– COLLADA (.dae)
– Autodesk FBX
– 3DS

Download Satellite Dish 3D Model

satellite, dish, parabolic, antenna, receiver, electromagnetic, signal, space, data, tv, broadcast, channel, transmission, television, home, vsat, residential, digital

A Frame Bar Stool

by RadionovAS1

Price: $19.00

his model: A Frame Bar Stool
Design Design Loft Art & Co, Amsterdam
Dimensions, cm : 30*30*140
Reference: A Frame Bar Chair
Made in 3d max 2011
Visualization in the V-Ray 2.00.02
Polygons: 116615
Summits: 117995
The model is located in the scene at the origin
All objects and groups have meaningful names
All materials are friendly names
All textures and maps have meaningful names
All the way to the maps and texture removed.
This should open without error, and additional windows.
The archive copy in FBX and OBJ
Perfect for your interior rendering for close-ups and for the medium.
More information on the model: http://www.retro.net/shop/a-frame-bar-chair-2/
Tags: Iron bar stool chair red scratch industrial loft art design vintage furniture style wood wooden

Download A Frame Bar Stool 3D Model

Iron, bar, stool, chair, red, scratch, industrial, loft, art, design, vintage, furniture, style, wood, wooden

Antique Coffee Grinder

by firdz3d

Price: $15.00


– Modeled in Blender.
– Preview image rendered using cycles.
– All scene are included in .blend files.
– Great for close up render.
– All parts and materials are logically named.
– Texture are packed in .blend files. A Separate download also available.

– 3ds MAX
– COLLADA (.dae)
– Autodesk FBX

* Texture needs to be reaplied for other formats

Download Antique Coffee Grinder 3D Model

coffee, grinder, preparation, blade, beans, beverage, kitchen, utensils, grinding, appliance, milling, mill, manual, cooking, cook, grounds, tools, apparatus, antique

Substance textures 2-Pack

by CPalmroos

Price: $9.95

(NOTE! These are only in .sbs and .sbsar formats! You need to open them in Unity, Unreal, any other supported game engine or Substance Designer itself)

Create hundreds of different realistic floor tiles with these two substance files. Why not walls too while you’re at it!
Works beautifully with Unity 5 and Unreal 4.
I’ve exposed a lot of key parameters so you can tweak the texture to your liking.

Tweakable parameters include:

– Tile amount (x,y)
– Tile luminance variation (some tiles darker than others)
– Surface cracks
– Edge cracks level
– Base surface roughness/shininess
– Color (with hue, saturation etc.)
– I’ve also added the option to create puddles and moisture that can be controlled or turned on/off completely.

Drop these babies in your game engine of choice and you’re good to go!
Both .sbs and .sbsar available, so if you have Substance designer yourself feel free to dive into the graphs yourself.

Download Substance textures 2-Pack 3D Model

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